Fitting/Refitting/Replacement Policy

The website operates as an online custom fitting and retailing portal. Details provided from the customer in the form of measurements via a form are the basis of the design sizing and styling of any product. The customer is repeatedly prompted for checking of correctness of sizes provided by them. In case the customer provides the wrong sizes and the delivery is not fitting then the customer holds no rights in whatsoever way to demand free refitting or replacement. Mykurta reserves the right to allow customer separately order a new article of which they gave a wrong size with addition cost. If the customer is the reason for wrong sizing shall not be held responsible for any repairs, replacements of any refunds.

In case the error is on the behalf of our team we shall be more than happy to serve with a replacement or refitting whatever may seem apt for the situation. In such case the customer may dispatch the product via specified logistics providers of their region and the cost of sending the product shall be refunded to them from

Order cancellation: Our system does not allow cancellation after 24hours from date of confirmation order.

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