At we request all payments 100% along with confirmation of order.All orders confirmed are delivered globally within 20-25 days of confirmation. 
In an event we are unable to deliver within the said period the customer shall be intimated by phone or email.

 For global deliveries as well as domestic deliveries we have various shipping partners for different regions.

 All fright shall be tractable with tracking details emailed to customer on dispatch or available on request.

 Insurance of freight is paid by if any, in case entry tax, import duty or any other taxes are levied by the destination governance, shall not be liable to pay for the same and the customer shall have to pay for the same.

 Any loss of freight shall be the responsibility of the logistics company delivering the goods and shall not be held accountable for any transactional losses or damages to be paid to the customers. Customers shall be assisted to the logistics company delivering the goods and the customer can contact them for refunds of the material or any other damages as applicable.

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